With the Council required to achieve savings of c. £50m over the next five years, all services have reviewed their operations to identify appropriate levels of service, structures and ways of working with a view to identifying ways to meet the savings targets whilst ensuring that services are fit for purpose in the future.

Staff in Civic Pride are currently being consulted on a new structure that affects the whole department, and new management posts have been created which will drive the change and continuous improvement that is required:

  • Operational Director of Civic Pride;
  • Head of Highways and Transport Strategy;
  • Head of Parking and Passenger Transport (post not included in this recruitment);
  • Head of Neighbourhood Street Scene;
  • Head of Waste, Recycling and Fleet;
  • Head of Community Safety and Protection (post not included in this recruitment);
  • Head of Consumer Protection and Licensing.

These posts are designed to have operational responsibility for specific areas whilst working together as a team to deliver the neighbourhood approach that was agreed in the Council’s Our Streets Strategy. This signals a new way of working that is structured around localities and the needs of individual communities and reflects the importance that our communities place on the public realm, highways, transport, street cleanliness, enforcement and bin collection.

Alongside these universal services the department has responsibility for a broad range of regulatory services, community safety, emergency planning, health and safety.

More detail about the specific roles is contained in the job descriptions which can be found here

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